Automatic Aerosol Air Freshener Dispenser


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  • RESET: Clear the former function and setting and start to set it again.
  • SPRAY: Press this button. The device will spray once after 4 sec, the indicator light will flash green and red three times. It tests the working condition.
  • MODE: Press this button and hold for 2 min, LCD will display the following 5 modes: Start, Stop, Interval, Week, Clock.
  • WEEK: Three working date options: 1. From Mon to Fri, 2. From Mon to Sat; 3. From Mon to Sun.
  • HOUR/MIN: Set time for clock and device working control time.
  • ON/OFF: When the panel shows OFF, Every button can’t work except the “RESET”. When the panel shows ON, then we can start setting.


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Automatic Aerosol Air Freshener Dispenser

Buy Home Automatic Aerosol Air Freshener Dispenser House Fragrance Perfume Diffuser For Bathroom Toilet fragrance Perfume Sprayer Machine Wall Mount.Only Quality Products. 7 Day Replacement Guarantee. Pay by Cards, Ez-cash, m-cash, Or Cash On Delivery.

◆Product parameters:
Battery: 2X1.5V (1st battery)
Capacity: 300ML perfume can
Machine size: 22*7.5*7cm

◆ Advantages 1 High-quality material:
ABS engineering material body, super corrosion-resistant, perfect and delicate, small and exquisite size.

◆Benefit 2 Powerful:
? This is a hot-selling model for high-end hotels. It can be used for light-sensing and time-smoothing. It is the easiest to operate; set the time period.
Can be set 5/10/15/30 minutes; three modes: can be set to light (day) / no light (night) / all day (24H).
Efficacy: remove odor, fresh air, add fragrance, sterilization better with automatic aerosol dispenser

Gear introduction:
[24H] When the gear position is used, it can be sprayed every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes regardless of day and night.
[DAY] When the gear is in the position, it can be sprayed every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes when there is light, and it will not spray when there is no light. [NITE] When the gear is in the position, it can be sprayed every 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes when there is no light, and it will not spray when there is light.

The dispenser should be positioned at a minimum height of 7 feet above the floor for effectiveness and safety.
1. Place the Dispenser in the location to be mounted, make a mark on the wall.
2. Drill hole at the mark in a wall then inserts the anchor and mounting screw.
3. Ensure the dispenser is mounted securely to the wall.
1. Keep the dispenser away from children.
2. Do not aim the nozzle at face to avoid being sprayed in the eyes.
3. Place dispenser away from food preparation areas.
4. Keep the dispenser away from fire.
B-308 Air Freshener Dispenser Operation Instructions:
1. Insert a can 300ml air freshener and 2 D size batteries
2.Set the intervals between 5-30minutes:5minutes, 10minutes,20minutes,30minutes.
3.Set the working modes:
①24H: Works day and night(24h)
② DAY: Only works at day
③NIGHT: Only works at night


Automatic air freshener for homes with light sensors,  which can detect day and night.
Press the top button to open it.
Lockable design to prevent random opening, once it is locked, it can not open without a key.
You can install the lock by yourself.
At your first time using, please check if the machine hammer is up,
if it is down as the bottom left picture, please use a pen or small tools to push it up,
then you can insert the refill can, otherwise the machine will not work
This light sensor automatic air freshener dispenser can be used in   many
scenes:airport,home,  office,toilet,cinema,KTVetc.
Timing spray fragrance, make the air fresh


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